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"Thank you, Dr. Will Morrissey!! I am very happy with my supplements. No more hot flashes or night sweats! My thoughts are clear and cohesive! I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time!"

- Diane

"I’m over 50 and after years of “just ignoring” my back pain, I finally agreed to see a chiropractor for the first time. I am impressed and grateful to Dr. Will in how he has dealt with me, as a novice patient; very concerned and thorough. Between adjustments and nutrition counseling, my back pain is so much better and the joint pain in my knees and shoulders alleviated. Thank you, Dr. Will, I will be back!."

- Troy

"My husband and I have moved a lot! I have seen 11 different Chiropractors. Last month I saw Dr. Will Morrissey for a maintenance visit. I had a foot injury several months ago and have experienced some pain and a lot of stiffness. Dr. Will gently adjusted my foot and all the pain and stiffness is gone! I appreciate Dr. Will's thorough and gentle concern over my health."

- Nancy

"I started seeing Dr. Keith over 20 years ago. The new Chiropractor, Dr. Will has really impressed me with his confident, yet gentle style. The adjustments I have received from Dr. Will have been just what I've needed!."

- Jerry

"Every year my family plans a big golf trip out of town. When I woke up with a bad back three days before, I thought I would have to cancel the trip. After three trips with Dr. Morrissey I was able to get on a plane and golf with 14 family members. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Mesa Hills Chiropractic."

- Mike